Monday, April 26, 2010

tot school - letter I (better late than never!)

Tot School
Noah is 19 months old.

Geeze...sorry this is so late. We are just not with it around here lately...I'm in my last two weeks of the semester for my nursing classes (2 clinical days, 3 tests, and a research paper this week alone!) and Noah just hasn't been himself lately. I think it must be all the pollen and such, but he isn't sleeping well, isn't eating as well, and just isn't his happy self all the time. Thankfully there are only 16 more days until we head to Disney, so that's my saving grace at this point:) I think a vacation will do us all a lot of good!

Anyway..onto our pitiful excuse for tot school this week. Ha! I tried...I really did. Noah just wasn't into things this week. But that's okay. It happens, so we'll just keep on keepin' on until next time:)

Letter Ii
Ii is for ice cream!

I was excited for this week because let's be honest..who doesn't love ice cream?! Apparently Noah! We tried ice cream field trips twice and even tried a little at home one night, but he just doesn't like the temperature. Silly boy:) Maybe that's why he wasn't too into these activities?

Noah did actually seem to enjoy making his letter page. He helped with all of the gluing and did the pink and red paint...I painted the cone. I'm really proud of how far his gluing has come!

I saw this ice cream I on The Poe Family a while back and thought it was too cute:) I painted the cone part again, but he did the purple (with some help/coaxing), red, blue, and brown paint, and even put the cherry on top:)

I made a sorting game using this coloring sheet (found through Google). Noah has suddenly developed a love of coloring with crayons, so he enjoyed helping color the ice cream. He did really well with the sorting too (when he would actually participate)...

I printed these out from here. We did color identification with just the papers, and using playdough. I didn't get a picture, but we played ice cream shop...
I would "order" using the papers and he would match my order with the playdough. He liked this game early on, but not later in the week...

Noah also color sorted his pompoms using the ice cream papers from above using this tray. He was NOT into this though...he just wanted to throw them around the room..

I also thought we could get creative with ice this week for the letter Ii. Noah has enjoyed "painting" with ice in the past, so I had the brilliant idea to add food coloring to the ice cube tray. Well duh...of course the ice totally stained our hands for three days. Not my shining moment in planning...I guess that's what I get for trying to plan stuff while totally stressed out. Noah did make a pretty picture that day is shown below.

Because I was a slacker in planning, I didn't have anything ready for Earth Day either. I pulled out some coffee filters and water and Noah made coffee filter earths at the last minute that day. I actually got a picture of him!
He actually had fun with this one...he LOVES the rare times we use markers, and he thoroughly enjoyed dumping the water bowl on the table even though the dropper was right there:) He also wanted to keep going after the coffee filters were gone, so we used construction paper too.

On the left is the colored ice picture. Then, all the marker/water pictures & earths. I think they turned out quite pretty:)

So apologies for a less-than-stellar week here. I'm really going to try and get it together for the rest of this week, but no promises:) If I'm not here next week, look for me the week after to be back to normal. If I don't end up on a psych ward by the end of my week of tests and papers that is! Say a prayer for me please:)

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