Monday, May 3, 2010

tot school - letter f

Tot School
Noah is 19 months old.

Ff is for Farm
We kept it kind of light again this week since my semester in nursing school is winding down, but we still had fun learning about farms and farm animals!

First, Noah made his letter page. He did the gluing, and it was a good opportunity to talk about shapes as well with the barn. He loved making the fingerprint animals, and even though they don't really look like their supposed to, it was good to talk about their colors and what sounds they made.

I made a bingo board of farm animals for Noah to work with. We didn't really play the actual game, but it was great reinforcement on what the real animals look like and what sounds they make. I knew Noah knew all of his animal sounds, but I didn't realize he didn't know what many of the animals actually looked like! He knows all of the animals on the board now though:)

Otherwise, Noah played with his many farm-themed toys throughout the week. The megabloks farm set has long been a favorite..

He also loves the leapfrog fridge magnet set...especially the songs it sings:)

We also worked some more with his Kumon sticker/gluing workbook. He has moved onto the gluing exercises now...

We did a couple of vegetable pages, and the horse page. He did so well with the horse!

Other activities Noah did that I didn't get pictures of were:
*Read our many farm books...including Barnyard Dance, Moo Baa LaLaLa!, Farm Babies (no is by Charles Reasoner), John Deere Farm 123, Touch & Feel Tractor, and Old MacDonald Had a Farm
*Watched our Brainy Baby Animals dvd
*Did Starfall letter Ff

That's all for our week! My exams start next week, but I'm planning on a regular week of tot school. And if you haven't noticed our Disney countdown...its down to 10 day!!! Woohoo! I'm hoping to do a short tot school week with all Disney themed activities the week we leave (just fyi).

Share your own ideas and see what others are doing for tot school at 1+1+1=1!

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sbswtp said...

Great theme! :) He looks like he had fun.