Sunday, May 9, 2010

tot school - letter o

Tot School
Noah is 19 months old.

Letter Oo
Oo is for octopus & ocean!

We've had a fun week learning about the ocean & the animals that live in it...especially the octopus:)

Noah really enjoyed all of the printables this week! He even asked to do some on his own, so you know they were a real hit. They came from Confessions of a Homeschooler and the Ocean Tot Book from 1+1+1=1.

I continue to be impressed with his patterning skills...I think I need to move onto something harder for him.
He did really well with all of them, though. I think his favorite was the number cards. He loves playing with the mini paperclips:)

Our books for the week were:

We made just two art projects this week because we ran out of glue and I kept forgetting to get more...oops!

We made his letter page and a toilet paper roll octopus (not my original idea, but I've seen it several places). He was SUPER proud of both of these projects!

Noah enjoyed playing with his ocean puzzles, especially the magnetic "fishing" puzzle:)

It was also VERY warm here this week, so we spent several days outside and playing in the water.

While he played a bit with the ocean animals I put in his play sink, he most liked dumping the water over his head:)

This was my favorite picture from the week!

That's about all for this week...I kept it light because I've been finishing up my nursing finals and (more importantly!) packing for Disney! We won't be here next week for tot school, but we'll have LOTS of pictures from our trip when we return. Enjoy your next couple of weeks, and a (late) happy mother's day to you all:)

Share what you're up to in Tot School and see other's ideas at 1+1+1=1!


Cassie said...

He is so adorable and has such an amazing smile! I love the Octopus picture that you guys made!

Cara said...

Cute! We are doing fish this week, thanks for the water idea, I'm totally stealing it.

Fiona said...

Hi there. Love these ideas. I am new to tot school this week but am loving gettign so many ideas from all these great blogs like yours.
How does your son do with letter stuff. I have a 24 month old and always thought he was too young to start but maybe I am wrong?