Saturday, April 4, 2009

big boy changes

Noah has made two "big boy" transitions this week. 

After Noah's 6 month well-baby visit this week, and a weigh-in of 23 pounds 7.5 ounces, it was definitely time to move out of the infant carrier and into a convertible carseat! We ultimately chose the Costo Alpha Omega brand. It wasn't the one I originally picked out, but it was on sale when we went to Babies R Us. We actually liked it better...the fabric will be easier for cleanups and it is a 3-in-1 convertible seat that will transition to both a forward-facing seat and a booster up to 80 pounds. In addition to the sale, we also had a 15% coupon. So we actually only paid a little more than half of the original price! 

We took it yesterday to have it correctly installed at the Health First Center affiliated with our hospital. While we were there, my mother bought a much simpler carseat just for her car. The Health First Center has a wonderful program available that provides carseats for low income families. My mom, who works as a fundraising coordinator for the hospital, contributes a lot of funds to this program, so she was able to purchase a seat for Noah for her own car since the convertible models (especially our new one) are much more complicated and harder to transfer than infant carriers. 

Of course, Noah seems to prefer the simpler, cheaper version in Granny's car to the one with all the bells and whistles in my car!
My only qualm with my mom's seat is that it has no head supports. Jimmy and I bought these neck wings, though, and they worked pretty well during our errand run this afternoon.

It won't be too long before that seat will be facing forward! 


The other "big boy" transition Noah made this week was via Granny. He has officially graduated into hard-soled shoes.

My mom got him these new Nike sneakers yesterday.
They're big, but that's okay. The way Noah has been growing, its a rarity to have something too big on him! He has already learned how to slide one off with the other foot, though. And so the shoe battles begin!

Noah has been showing lots of interest in pulling up and standing in the last couple of weeks. But he was having a tough time in the soft soles getting his balance. Plus, his toes were starting to gouge the ends of all of his soft-soled shoes. He is doing much better in these already!

He hasn't shown much interest in crawling, and I have a feeling he's going to be like his daddy and just skip crawling all together. He already loves to have us hold his hands up and half-walk, half-drag him around the room. I know it won't be long before out little man is toddling around on his own!


Tomorrow afternoon my good friend Brittney is having her baby shower. Of course, Noah will be in tow for all the fun...I would never be forgiven if he wasn't brought along! I'm excited that more of my friends are beginning their families as well. Noah needs some playmates! Brittney is due to have Conor in May. I have a feeling that Noah and he will be good buddies soon enough:)

Next time, I hope to share some pictures of all the fun tomorrow as well as some of Noah's favorite playtime activities. We are having lovely weather here in the foothills of NC, and hope that things are looking like spring wherever you may be too! Until next time...

Cherish the *little moments*

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