Tuesday, May 26, 2009

big changes..

Sorry for being so absent lately. I have some BIG news..


Can you hear the shouts of joy from my corner of the world?? :)


If you know used to read my old blog, you already know about my family's current living situation - Jimmy and I have been living in my parent's basement since we were married. Don't think we were free-loading or anything...my dad has an incredibly severe case of multiple sclerosis and requires a lot of care. Seriously, the only things he can do for himself are feeding and minimal personal care (brushing his teeth, shaving, and such). He can't walk, sit, or stand on his own. He requires help with the most basic of daily needs. And because my mom has had her right hip replaced TWICE within the last year, she isn't able to take care of him on her own. He is a BIG man after all, so you have to be in good physical shape to move him around and all. That's where Jimmy and I came in. We got to live in a huge finished basement for a year and a half, rent-free, in exchange for helping my mom take care of my dad. 

And it has been nice, living rent-free and having lots of meals prepared for us and all. But it has also been hard. And stressful. And we just can't do it anymore..


We are so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity we are taking. My grandmother has owned her mother's old home since she passed away many years ago. It had been rented for a long time by the same woman. But about a year ago, the renter decided to buy her own home, leaving my great-grandmother's house empty. I jumped at the opportunity..but we just weren't ready. Noah was about to be born, my mom was gearing up for her first hip surgery, and things just didn't work out. Not to mention that the house was in pretty rough shape.

My wonderful aunt Paula then decided to head up basically a whole remodeling job of the house (because my Mimi is not in any condition to do such work). And can I say just how AMAZING the transformation is?!?! Granted, not everything is updated, and there is no granite or stainless steel, but I think it is just a lovely little place. Perfect for, say, a family of three? :)

It has taken a lot to get us in there. I'll spare the details, but things haven't been all that smooth. We even took some time off, thinking we may not move there at all. That's why I haven't mentioned anything about this until now. But as of last night, Jimmy and I had moved in about half of our things across town to our new address at 24 Sunset Street! 

I tried really hard throughout this whole ordeal to have faith, knowing that God would put us in our own home in his timing. And the fact that we have reached this point in less than 2 weeks of actively discussing moving there again is proof that things will happen when God is ready for them to happen! 

We are hoping to finishing moving our really big furniture (bed, dresser, couch, etc) on Friday, and have our first night there on Sunday. In the meantime, I have no idea how often I will have the opportunity to get online and such. Actually, we may be living in our new home for several days before our cable and internet are hooked up. So just letting you all know, I haven't left for good...probably just until things get settled with the move. I'm sure you all understand:)


And now, since this blog is really about Noah, I'll share a bit of what's going on with him. We've had another "leaps & bounds" week here! In the last few days, Noah has learned how to wave and how to successfully feed himself puffs/finger foods. He is very proud of himself for these accomplishments:) He has also learned what an echo is...in that when we were at the new house measuring and such, he could hear himself squeal and laugh in the empty rooms. So he now "tests" for echos whenever we enter a room by squealing as loud as he can. It's quite funny:) Sorry for no pictures...I'll be sure to have some new ones next time!


Well..that's all for now, and probably for a while. I hope to visit you all whenever I have the chance. And I also hope to share some pictures of our new home whenever I return!! There is still some remodeling planned for the outside, and I'm not sure when that is going to be done. But the inside will hopefully be all clean and decorated very soon!

**Just a side note to my prim-decorating friends. This house does not really lend itself to prim style. Which is okay, because my style tastes are wide and varied (a result of being addicted to HGTV I guess!). I guess what I really want more than anything is a comfortable, inviting home for us, and our family and friends rather than a showpiece of a particular style or theme. But I do still love all of you prim girls and your lovely homes:)

Until next time,


Sarah Mae said...

How exciting! I can relate somewhat - my hubby and I and our three month old daughter lived with my his parents until we could find and fix up our current house. You are going to love it! :)

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Oh Lauren - I am so excited for you! I hope this move is everything you dream it can be!! It doesn't matter how you decorate it - as long it as feel right to YOU! Prim or not - it's making it feel like home that counts! And besides, with a little one around, and going to school, you have lots of other things to concentrate on now!

hugs, Linda

Colleen said...

Congratulations, my sweet friend! I have no doubt that this new house will be feeling and looking like home in no time. I'm so excited for you!!!

wrcdgc said...

I am so happy for you two. I hope you all goes well with your move and remodeling. I am so excited for you and I understand about the stress. Since we lost our home we were blessed to live with my Mom but it's so hard to live with someone when you have a family of your own.


McFadden Family said...

congrats on getting to move into your own place, I'm sure that is a very deserved relief. Are you going to post photos of the new residence?

Kath said...

Oh boy! How exciting for you, Lauren!! I wish you all the best...I hope ya share some pics with us after you get moved in and settled! ;)

CONGRATS to you and your fam!