Sunday, September 27, 2009

tot school & an accomplishment:)

Noah is 12 months old.

Though I had planned on continuing our farm theme from last week, and initially began the week that way, I began to run out of ideas for a child Noah's age. I know there are a TON of farm ideas out there, but Noah just doesn't get them or won't stay focused long enough to complete them. So the week ended up just being a plain, themeless Tot School week overall, but things still were great:)


To finish up some of the farm things we did do this week, Noah made a pumpkin patch with foam stickers. He did much better with foam stickers than regular ones...he could hold them better, and they didn't stick to his fingers so much:)
Be aware that Noah didn't place these pumpkins so neatly on his own! ha! I still need to guide him on placement...otherwise there would be one big stack of pumpkins all in one place. I did the leaves for him...they were too small and apparently looked rather tasty:) I also helped him draw in the vines...but he is getting much better with crayons too!

Conveniently enough, Noah got several farm-themed toys at his birthday party last weekend, so I especially made sure he played with those this week. He received the LeapFrog Fridge Farm set and loved playing with it! He already has the Fridge Wash-N-Go Vehicle set, so he knew how this worked. And he spent lots of time fitting in the various pieces and dancing along to the music:)

Noah also got a farm-themed See And Say. He has a bit more trouble with this one independently as the pull arm is harder for him to pull, but he still really likes it.
Lastly, Noah read through all of the farm books I mentioned last week and added a few new ones (he really likes the John Deere themed books!). I would have liked to have done some more activities, but I know we'll redo the farm theme again in the future when he's older and can understand things better.


The rest of the week was spent playing with some more of his new birthday gifts, like the entire Little People Zoo collection...this will be great for animal sounds/recognition!

And this Touch and Teach Turtle seems to be a great learning tool for letters, numbers, shapes, and more...

There were also many games of peek-a-boo with Daddy..
...and Noah learned how to do Patty Cake on his own this week. He looks so sweet "patting and rolling" :)

Noah worked on sorting food this week - cereal and raisins...and he did really well until he got hungry:)

And Noah is continuing to practice using a spoon. He does well putting small solids, like the cereal and raisins, on the spoon and eating them, but I haven't tried anything runny just yet. Noah also likes to stir and transfer with his spoons..

One last thing I tried late in the week is something I'm so glad I've started! I'm going to create a "color of the day" to post on the refrigerator, and make it a point to find objects that are that color throughout the day. At the end of the day, I want to pull all of those items together (if possible) and review...our first color was blue.
At this point, I'm thinking we will keep one color for several days since Noah is so young and just starting out. But I hope this will be a good activity for color recognition!

To go along with the color of the day, I first made sure to dress Noah in the appropriate colors:) Then we did some activities incorporating blue....

sorting pompoms

finding some blue objects (like this lid)

recognizing the blue train

and finally discussing size/lining up several blue trains

Noah seemed to really enjoy all of these activities, and Jimmy and I both made a point to show Noah blue things both inside and outside of our house. And while I know that right now Noah doesn't really "get" it, I know that early exposure is important!


And one last BIG accomplishment Noah did this week was....WALKING!!! Saturday evening while visiting my mom, she finally got him to take some real independent steps!! Previously, the most he had taken at once was only two or three at a time. But on Saturday, he walked almost all the way down her long hallway...probably fifteen or more steps at once! He was quite proud of himself:)

And don't you know, I had no camera of any kind since I was at my mom's house. Ugh! But I'm sure that I'll have plenty of opportunities to capture this milestone:) So now I'm guess I need to finish securing all valuables...he's so tall he can already reach our kitchen countertops!


Well..we're off for a family day in the mountains today:) I hope you all are having a great weekend! And be sure to check out what others are doing for Tot School and share you own ideas too at 1+1+1=1!!


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

I remember when Noah wasn't even born yet! 12 months - woo hoo!

At preschool we often did a week or even two or three of a color. It takes that much repetition sometimes for the kiddos to grasp an idea.

I just loved seeing how he has grown!!

April said...

I know what you mean about not finding many activities that are appropriate for such a young age. That's why for now I stick with simple art projects, songs, books, and storytelling props. I think early exposure is a good thing especially when its a fun time for the parent to spend with the child. Just playing and learning at the same time.

April said...

I forgot to add, congrats on the walking milestone! I think that is the biggest milestone of them all! Yay Noah!

The Activity Mom said...

Walking! Hooray! =)
I love how he was sorting the raisins and the cereal!
This is the color hunt activity I tried with B when he was about Noah's age or maybe a little older (similar to what you are doing)and it worked out great to keep bringing it out as he got older.

The Fifth Street Mama said...

Wow! He does a great job with sorting and spooning. That is awesome!

Lisa said...

Goodness he can do a lot for just 12 months! How fun :) Congrats on walking!!

Trudie said...

Firstly, Congratulations on Noah's walking! As a parent you feel sooo proud! Now it is really time to baby proof the house, it is amazing what they can get up too....
I LOVE your colour of the day idea, I will definately incorporate it!
Thanks for your creative and fun posts!

Shannon said...

Hi! Which Lori Mitchell figurine did you get? I think they are all so cute! I got that chalkboard at a local shop but they do have a website. I don't know if that chalkboard is on there but hopefully it is.