Sunday, January 17, 2010

tot school - more with snow

Tot School
Noah is 16 months old.

This has been one CRAZY week! Between finishing moving, beginning my spring semester of nursing classes, and Jimmy being transferred to a new store (he is a grocery store manager), we've had FULL schedules! Still, we managed to get in a few Tot School activities along the way.

Basically, I continued with the snow/snowmen/winter theme from last week. There were several activities we did not get to last week, and some that Noah really I figured I didn't need to add more to my plate in trying to plan anything new:)

One major activity we did was a sensory experience with ice. Noah had a TON of fun playing with some ice cubes.

He stirred them a bit (with his little clapper instrument?!)..

He also enjoyed transferring them in and out of the bowl, into my hand, etc...

After a good bit of play, I pulled out some construction paper for Noah to make "ice art." I have seen people make "water art" before (meaning they paint construction paper with water, let it dry, then do it again), but I thought it would be fun to try with ice cubes.
Noah had trouble holding the slippery, half-melted ice cubes, but still seemed to enjoy it:)

The other art project Noah did was make a snowy scene. First, he made a tree with his hand/arm print. Then, he made falling snow with his fingers. Last, he glued on some of the snow (cotton balls) on the bottom....I made a guideline first, and he did great staying below it with the few he actually glued himself.

Noah had more fun playing with the extra *snow* this week too. He loves to "fill and spill" things, so he really enjoyed himself with the cotton balls and plastic cups.
He also LOVES to stir....and his utensil of choice on this particular day was a hairbrush:) This was fun, though, as the cotton balls stuck to the bristles. Noah had fun picking the cotton pieces out later.

Some other activities we did that I did not get pictures of included...
Snowflake matching from My Montessori Journey
Collecting Snowballs game from Making Learning Fun (amended to be a easy number activity)
A homemade mitten lacing card...which was a TOTAL flop:(
and more of the same activities we did last week.

Overall, the week ended up being a fun one for tot school, even if everything else in our lives was totally stressful! Thankfully, everything seems to be calming back down, and we're all looking forward to getting into our new routines.

See what others are doing for Tot School and share your own ideas at 1+1+1=1!


sbswtp said...

I love the handprint tree!!! so cute :)

Cassie said...

I love that tree too! One thing he might like, if he liked "painting" with ice, that I did with Jackson this week is to buy one of those paint with water books and let him use ice on it.

Melissa: Mother to 3 Little Sprouts said...

I love the ice cube idea! My 2 yr old would love that! Thanks for sharing!

Susan said...

Congrats on your move and good luck with school starting. You guys had a great week! I really like the ice painting activity...especially since there was no paint in it. Your snowy scene is just too precious!