Sunday, May 30, 2010

tot school & help needed!

Tot School
Noah is 20 months old.

I debated not to even worry with posting this week for Tot School. We've adjusted back to our regular routine after our Disney vacation just fine, but we haven't really gotten back into the groove with Tot School just yet. I'm hoping to get back to our usual routine starting tomorrow.

We didn't do anything specifically planned, but there was lots of fun with playdough! We reviewed colors & matching and worked on shapes with it, and had some imaginative play making foods too.

Noah played LOTS with his MegaBlocks and Duplos this week too. He loves to build "BIG uns" and then "cash it":)

He has also reunited his love affair with our old Guitar Hero controller. John Mayer and Elvis concerts must be played daily so Noah can jam:)

Sorry all of those pictures were from the same day, but we have seriously and officially reached the terrible twos! Noah has been fiercely defiant the past four or five days, totally disobeying even the simplest things and throwing MAJOR fits when he doesn't get his way. While I know this is to be expected at this age, his independent streak has started to worry me because he is rebelling against safety precautions (like holding hands in public, staying out of the street, etc). I've prayed and prayed for God's guidance, and I'm hoping someone out there can offer some seasoned parenting wisdom on how to not suppress Noah's needs for independence while helping him learn obedience and keeping him safe. Thanks in advance for the help:)

My apologizes for such a poor Tot School post, but we'll be back to our regular activities next week...Lord willing Noah behaves!

See what others are up to in Tot School and share your own ideas at 1+1+1=1!


Giggly Girls said...

What a cutie!! Disrupted routines can be rough. Ours is about to be disrupted for 2 weeks, starting Wednesday, when we have family coming an going for a spell.

As for the terrible twos, it's only for a time. (Except for my tot who was born in that phase. LOL) My advice would pick the battles that you want to "fight" and be consistent with how you handle dealing with those behaviors.

At our house disipline for our tot is usually removing her from the situation (either a 2-min time out or "sorry you can't play xyz anymore find something else to do") or removing a toy that she's using inapporiately. (Say hitting her sister with the bean bags.)

A battle that I'm not choosing to fight at the moment is "I not you fwiend." Yes my two year old says that. With such a look on her face....oooh drives me nuts. But for now I'm not fighting that battle. I just smile and say, "That's okay, sissy will be my friend." I'm hoping that no reaction will stop the behavior. She's stubborn though.

Fiona said...

aaaw so cute! Look forward to more of your posts!

Nicole said...

Yes, I need some ideas for the terrible two's too. My son is telling us no all the time! I also pick my battles. Anything with safety (like holding hands in the parking lot) is huge and if he breaks free and runs away he does get in trouble. I tell him he's bad (which is just devastating to him) and then put him in the car seat and we leave. He did this for about a week before he caught on that running in the parking lot is bad.

Rachelle said...

My lil' 20 month old is doing the same thing.
I've spoken w/ other moms who've said their little ones always seem to act out more when they are going through a developmental spurt.
I am still working on my strategy. I am doing something in between Happiest Toddler on the Block (with lots of attention & checking in & rewards & "toddler-ese" to let him know I am listening and understanding him) and a more strict routine. I've found I HAVE to be VERY consistent with everything I do with my son.
I now give him 2 warnings: first time I say please don't do that. 2nd time, I tell him if he does it again we will stop the activity ect and I follow through. I've noticed some improvement, not as much as I would like.
The other thing I've started to do is offer 2 or 3 options. For holding hands while walking, I will say would you like to hold my hand, or go in the stroller (or I'll carry you ect). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

If you find anything that works, let me know ;-)