Tuesday, June 30, 2009

updates and such

Thank you all, from the very bottom of my heart, for your thoughts and prayers for my dad! I cannot believe how blessed I am to be a part of such a wonderful community of friends:)

My dad was never admitted, and was released from the ER last night around 2:00AM. Which was great! Not much was determined overall, but I'll share what they did know for certain. His heart rate remained irregular because he stayed in atrial fibrillation the entire time he was there...but there were no other associated symptoms or complications from that. So who knows. As far as his little "episode" from last night, the doctor said they may never know for certain what caused that, but he felt like a small blood clot probably passed through his brain. Apparently it was small enough to literally just pass through without any major issues, because my dad is back home and back to normal today.

He will go on Thursday to his cardiologist, though, to be checked out further for the atrial fibrillation. So please remember him that day, and that nothing major will result.


On another stressful note, Noah is sick today. I woke up to a runny-nosed, congested, coughing little boy that sounded suspiciously like he was developing croup. He got a nasty case of croup this winter when he was about 4 months old that resulted in a doctor's visit, 2 breathing treatments, 1 steroid shot, and a trip to the ER. Needless to say, I didn't take my chances this time, and called our pediatrician first thing this morning.

Though he seemed to feel ok, and even starting sounding better as the morning went on, Noah literally threw up everything he had eaten/drank this morning around 9:45....everywhere. So after I gave him a wipes-bath (no time for the real thing given out appointment time), spot-washed myself, changed both of our clothes, and mopped/cleaned the kitchen floor, cabinets, countertop, and his high-chair, I was ready the pull my hair out!!! Oh the joys of motherhood, huh? I'm you can all relate:)

Well..we made it to the doctor in one, hopefully-not-stinky piece, and he got a steroid shot and a 2-day oral steroid prescription. He is crawling around on the floor, getting into anything he can think of at the moment. So obviously he's back to normal..for the most part:)


In the midst of all of this stress, I have had a bright spot...or two...or three. I seriously won THREE giveaways yesterday!!! Holy cow! I was flippin' out..in a good way, or course:)

First, from Mama Kenz Studio I won a new Sleepy Wrap carrier for Noah! These are so neat, and I've always wanted a carrier just for me. We had one that Jimmy wears sometimes that is like the Bjorn carriers (but our's is Chicco brand), but I don't like wearing it...too complicated! The Sleepy Wrap is one that you wrap yourself. I can't wait to try wrapping it to hold Noah on my hip...he likes to be held like that, but he gets so heavy after awhile. This way I can hold him hands-free! Plus I've always been interested in baby-wearing...I basically did that when Noah was an infant, just without a carrier. Ha! I just held him all. the. time. I'm hoping to get the Sleepy Wrap in green, though, so I can use it with other kiddos that hopefully come along in the future:)

Second, I won another necklace from The Vintage Pearl! If you've never seen Erin's beautiful hand-stamped jewelry, go look now! Oh my..I LOVE my "cup of love" necklace! It is so pretty...I wear it nearly everyday. I won it several weeks after Noah was born, so of course it has his name stamped on it. I get to pick anything I want from her etsy shop this time around..so I'm still deciding. So many pretties to choose from:)

Finally, I won, through TVP's giveaway week, a custom cupcake birthday bib from the Golden Shop! Oh my goodness...I have been DYING for one of these for Noah's birthday in a few months! The bibs are precious..with custom aplique and handsew "sprinkles"! They also make birthday hats...I'm hoping I can talk Jimmy into splurging on one to match the bib:)

Thank you, dear Lord, in the midst of trial and stress for amazing friends....and for unexpected retail blessings:)


Colleen said...

I'm so glad to hear that your Dad is home, Lauren. I hope he'll be okay...

Your morning made me smile knowingly. Ah, the messy and unpredictable side of motherhood! I hope Noah is back to his perky self soon.

And what wonderful winnings! I hope you'll enjoy them all. my friend. You deserve a treat!

wrcdgc said...

I'm so glad your father is doing better. I hope all goes well on Thursday. WOW! You are so lucky winning 3 give aways congrats.
I hope Noah continues to just get better.


Kath said...

I am glad your dad is doin better, Lauren.
Hope Noah is feeling better too.
Congrats on the winningS :)


Chic Mama said...

I hope all your giveaway wins are an encouragement in this stressful time! Hope everyone is on the mend!