Friday, December 18, 2009

ahh..sweet snowfall:)

Please don't ridicule me if you are a yankee...which I say with fondness as my sister-in-law is from MI:) But snow doesn't fall too often around here, so when the forecast calls for a few inches, it is an occasion to stock up on milk and bread! Just look at this glorious sight..
The Weather Channel is calling for snow until noon tomorrow, with heavy snow overnight for a total of up to a foot or more! AND looking ahead to Christmas...there is a chance of snow showers?!?! Be still my heart...I may actually have a white Christmas. Thank you, dear God, for small blessings:)

So I'm sitting back and enjoying the sights while Noah naps and Jimmy is at work until 3:00. Hopefully this really will lay so Noah can go out later and enjoy some playtime. And just so you don't worry about us, I DID go stock up last night, so we're throughly prepared to be snowed in:)


Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

Enjoy your winter wonderland, Lauren ;) (We're hearing reports that your storm may eventually make its way up here to Maine.)

Snow is so pretty at Christmastime. The trouble is, here in New England, we often have snow through March -- when it isn't so much fun anymore.

Enjoy being cozy with that sparkling white view...

Virginia Lee said...

I love your excitement for the snow! We live in Colorado and have snow from Oct through end of March. So I have lost some of that excitement, it was nice to be reminded.