Sunday, December 20, 2009

tot school - almost Christmas!

Noah is 15 months old.

We've had such a fun week this week! Everyone in our house is really gearing up for Christmas, so this made for some great learning opportunities:)


Color Theme: Red
I didn't do anything specific this week regarding our special color, but Noah played in his color box a lot. He also consistently identified the color red many different times throughout the week when asked, so I feel my color boxes might actually be teaching him something after all:) I'll be changing to the color green next week.


Seasonal Theme: Christmas
Well...I broke down at the last minute and got Noah a tree for his room. After seeing SO many adorable kids' trees, there was no way my decorating-obsessed heart could be at peace without a tree for my Noah. I tried to convince myself to wait for after Christmas sales, but I just couldn't do it. Still, I was very proud of myself...everything I got was on sale, including the tree (it was only $25!) and several of the ornaments we already had. I also used one of his handmade baby blankets for the skirt, so it was special all around!
And after seeing Noah's reaction to it, I am so glad I didn't wait until next year:)
Of course, now he wants to pull everything off and stick it back on in random places. I guess it at least makes for good fine motor work!

Another fun thing we did this week was grow Rudolph. We got one of those "grow-your-own" sets in the dollar section at AC Moore several weeks ago, so I pulled it out for something different for Noah to explore. And "explore" he did! This is Rudolph prebath...
Rudolph postbath was not such a pretty sight. I didn't get a picture before he was tossed, but Rudolph was limbless! Apparently Jimmy thought it would be funny to pull a leg off the poor little reindeer while he gave Noah his bath, so Noah followed suit with the other three legs. What is it with boys and destroying things???

I was SO inspired last week by Susan from Chasing Marcus to let Noah begin working with numbers! We have lots of number books, and I'll count things occasionally to Noah, but nothing too focused. I decided this week to really focus more on introducing numbers. We read lots of number books, including:
Number Munch by Charles Reasoner (couldn't get an Amazon link...we got it in a pack at a book fair)

I also made a very simple number activity using some of the leftover mini Christmas balls from Noah's new tree. Very simple idea...
He did okay with this. Mostly he liked to throw the little balls around his room since they are plastic and will bounce. But he did do it correctly several times without my help, so at least that's a start!

I also pulled out more of the Christmas Tot Pack from Carisa this week, but I only got pictures of one activity. Other than pictured below, Noah worked on matching the trees (he's VERY good at this now), coloring the presents, and looking through the Christmas ABCs which I hole punched and put a ring through to make it easier for him to carry. I'll share all of our work with the tot pack next week once we get through everything.

What I did get pictures of, though, was Noah completing the "Happy Birthday Jesus" dot page. First, we worked with Cheerios after breakfast...

Then that evening, Noah glued pompoms to the dots. He got very good at using glue! This was also a great activity for teaching sequencing...first pick up the pompom, then dip it in the glue, then stick it to the dot. It was also a good opportunity to talk about colors...Noah was able to pick out all of the red pompoms without my help too:) And excuse the random pattern...I'm running low on pompoms!

The other craft we did later this week was make a handprint tree. We did this after the Happy Birthday Jesus picture, so Noah knew exactly what to do with the pompom!
He is also really coming around to finger painting. He really enjoyed making the "ornaments" on his tree:)


Miscellaneous Tot School
Noah did quite a few activities that weren't themed this week too. He played with puzzles, and was finally able to fit them into their places without help! He has known where they go for a long time now, but wasn't able to fit them into their place.

Playing with pompoms in general is always a hit with Noah. He does really well putting them into small spaces, like an old formula container..

He also does well putting them into an ice cube tray. He really wants to be able to do it with the tongs, but his little hands just aren't strong enough yet, so he loses interest quickly.

Noah also played in the kitchen this week. He had fun stacking plastic containers..

He also enjoyed matching the lids..

Snow Fun!
Noah wasn't terribly fond of the snow at first, but he is definitely coming around now!

These pictures were from last night...we ventured out to eat for a while, and Noah had a blast sliding around on the icy-topped snow on our way back inside!
I have LOTS more pictures to share of the snow, so that will be a separate post later on.


But that's all we've got for this week! See what others are up to at Tot School...hosted by Carisa at1+1+1=1!


Susan said...

You guys had the best week! Noah is getting to be such a big boy. His tree is so cute! I was not brave enough to get Sophie a tree this year, although she did great with the family tree. Hopefully next year! Also, I got a pair of tongs at IKEA that were part of the play kitchen tools for Sophie for Christmas. She can squeeze them together so we will be doing some transferring activities soon. If you are not at near an IKEA send me an email and next time I am there I will pick you up a set for Noah. Merry Christmas!

The Fifth Street Mama said...

I can not believe all of the great stuff you do! Meadow is 15 months as well and I swear she would just eat those pom poms :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a great week! I love the hand-print tree so cute!

Giggly Girls said...

He's such a cutie! Looks like he had lots of fun!

Norma Lee @ Norma Lee Good said...

Wow yall are busy! We did finger painting for the first time during our Advent activities. It went so well and turned out so cute we did it more than once. My friend had a paint-party where the kids do their hand and foot prints and then an artist turned them into pictures. {a foot was turned into a ghost, Christmas tree out of a hand etc.} I tried my hand at this...the ones that turned out cute were the Reindeer (out of foot and 2 hands) and the snowflakes. Love your blog@