Monday, February 22, 2010

tot school - no theme

Tot School
Noah is 17 months old.

We had another low key week again. I couldn't decide on a theme to follow, so our tot school activities included playing with some of our "learning" toys, lots of books, a playdate, and even some outside fun!

While Noah read a MILLION books this week, he got an awesome Look & Find Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book for Valentine's Day, and has been glued to it all week long:) I am so impressed with how well he does with these already too! He always identifies Mickey and Goofy, usually will find Minnie & Pluto, but Donald & Daisy are still hit or miss. He does pretty well finding the objects too.

Noah also got his first workbook for Valentine's Day:) He got a Kumon sticker & gluing workbook and has had so much fun with the sticker pages! Here are a few of the ones he's completed so far...
Jimmy (daddy) said the fish page was his favorite since it looks like the blue fish is dead. Haha!

I dumped all of our pompoms together to make a new sensory bin....a less messy one finally:) Noah still loves spooning/transferring, and the different sized pompoms was a good challenge for him!

Noah has finally started showing interest in letters! Yay! I'm so excited to begin a letter of the week next week:) He can do this alphabet puzzle book completely on his own now!

He had lots of fun with his other puzzles this week too. I spread them out on the floor, and made it a puzzle race. Noah thought this was hilarious and loved running from puzzle to puzzle:)

These stacking & nesting blocks are still one of Noah's favorite toys. He is getting much better at stacking too, and is up to five blocks now.

We had a fun playdate with one of my best friends this week! Brittney and I went to high school together, and her son Conor is almost 9 months. We had a blast playing with trains, Noah's kitchen, blocks, and even had a little dance party:) This was a change up for Noah, though, as he doesn't play with kids younger than him very often. This definitely proved a good learning experience in self-control and sharing. Noah still has a ways to go though:) And sorry for no camera was MIA for the afternoon (it was in my car!).

We also had a yummy dinner at Applebees! Noah was quite testy, hence the paci:) But the camera was found!

I so wish these guys lived closer then 45 minutes away! I miss Conor's chubby cheeks:)

Sunday was the most gorgeous day! It was warm and sunny...almost spring-like! We took full advantage of the opportunity and spent some time outside after church. Noah played on his castle...

He got in some tricycle practice:) He actually peddled a little on his own too! But mostly there was lost of pushing from daddy..

Noah also had fun with my mom's dog. He absolutely loves to take Patch on walks, so this was the perfect day for it:)

So all in all, a pretty quiet and simple week, but we still had lots of fun! Share your own ideas and see what others are up to in tot school at 1+1+1=1!


Susan said...

Sophie would LOVE a sticker book like that! Where did you find it? She also loves to play in the tub of pompoms.
Noah is getting to be such a little man. So cute.

Kylie said...

Yes that sticker book looks great, he is doing very well. :)

{lauren} said...

The sticker book came from Walmart. Ours has a big section for workbooks like that, and they carry the whole line from Kumon. I've seen them at Target & I think at Barnes & Noble too though, so I think they're pretty easy to find!

Emma Hughes said...

where did you get the workbooks??? they look fab!

Emma Hughes said...

sorry just saw your comment above hehe... we dont have target or walmart here in ireland unfortunately.