Sunday, February 28, 2010

tot school - letter a

Tot School
Noah is 17 months old.

We began two new long-term themes this week....Letter of the Week, and a weekly Bible lesson! I've been itching to start both of these, but have been waiting for Noah to be interested in letters & to have the attention span for a real Bible lesson. Happily, Noah did super this week with both new themes:)


Letter of the Week - Aa
I made the focus on ants & apples for our Aa learning. Here are Noah's two art projects of the week...
Noah did every bit of the gluing on the apple tree picture by himself! I was quite proud & impressed:) He did go a little crazy with the glue though...

He also really enjoyed making the ants page. I took that idea from the Totally Tots ABC page. He always enjoys finger painting, but this was a good opportunity for listening (only make dots), practicing counting (1-2-3 dots), and learning "A" versus "a."

I made some other counting cards to work more with numbers while still keeping with the apple/ant theme. He did okay with these...I think they bored him:) But I set it up with big pompoms to correspond to the small pompoms.

Noah shocked me with these! I printed these Aa ants from Confessions of a Homeschooler hoping to review colors with Noah. He has consistently been identifying his colors for about a month, but I still thought he would enjoy these. I set out a few at a time, with one as a guide...
But Noah decided that these needed to be sorted into "A" and "a" piles instead of by color! I think he got this from doing the Starfall "Aa" page where you sort the apples at the end, but I was very impressed! He eventually did sort them by color too.

That is all the pictures I have for our letter activities, but some of the other things we did included:
*Reading Alpha-Bite! by Charles Reasoner and Chicka Chicka ABC by Bill Martin Jr.

*Starfall "Aa" many times (Noah points, I move the mouse/click)

*Having an "Aa" snack day! This one was very fun, and I hate I don't have pictures! Noah had apple juice, apple chips, apple sauce, and our own version of ants on a log...pretzels with hummus and raisins. I call them ants on a twig:) I wanted to make this a picnic, but our weather was just too cold.

*Watching the Leapfrog Letter Factory dvd

*Doing our ABC puzzle book (from Melissa & Doug)

I think Noah did super with all of the Aa activities! I am really looking forward to continuing learning his letters:)


Bible Lesson
I began our Bible lessons focusing on (part of) Philippians 2:15 - "shine like stars in the universe."

A little back story...I have a list of several scriptures I pray for Noah, and Philippians 2:14-15 is one of them. This is actually one of the verses Carisa was inspired by for Raising Rock Stars too! Anyway, since I have felt it was time to begin having a Bible lesson with Noah each week, I thought focusing on a verse I already pray for him would be a perfect place to start!

I made a little paper for Noah to use during our lesson, and I explained how Jesus wants us to be his light in the world. I used a flashlight to help illustrate this concept...Noah loved playing with it!

I also explained how when Jesus lives in your heart, his light will shine from inside you for all to see. Then he practiced making his light shine:)

Then we had to sing This Little Light of Mine! We HAD to keep using the flashlight too:)

We talked about letting our lights shine all week! Noah also made a picture of a shiny star (made with foil) to help him remember to shine like a star:) He did all of the gluing on this one too (obviously!), and it was great shape reinforcement!
I cannot encourage everyone enough to do a Bible lesson with your children each week! It has been such a blessing to me this week to see Noah learn about God...I am very excited to continue this each week!


That's all for our week! See what others are doing for tot school and share your own ideas at 1+1+1=1!


Susan said...

Such an amazing week all around. Your A activities are great and we will definently be using a few when we get to the letter A. Your Bible time is so special. We have been doing a series on Jonah and the Whale for Lent and you are right, it is quite a blessing.

Our Country Road said...

Oh goodness your apple is so cute!! I love your apple counting too. Great Bible lesson. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Kate said...

I love your letter of the week pages. Those pompom apples are sweet but those ants, oh so cute! Saving that idea for when Xander is ready. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

Love the Bible Lesson!

Anonymous said...

Such a fun week! I love the big A little a matching ant :-)

Jolly Green Mom said...

I love the number apple cards, I'm sure the 3-D/textural aspect adds a lot of interest. I also think your ant matching game is adorable!