Monday, March 22, 2010

tot school - letter d

Tot School
Noah is 18 months old.

First, sorry I'm late in posting this. I woke up Sunday morning with my left eye in terrible shape! I think my contact may have scratched my cornea or something, but I was miserable all day long and couldn't stand to look at anything bright (like the computer). Nonetheless, here I am with our week!


Letter of the Week: Dd
Dd is for dragon, dinosaur, & dancing

Books for the Week
Dizzy Dragon by Roger Priddy
T-Rex & Friends by Roger Priddy (no amazon link)

I was on Spring Break from nursing school all week, and though I had several clinical days scheduled, we managed to get in lots of fun Dd activities!

Noah did SUPER with his letter page this week! I was going to do a dino page, but saw this dragon-D (from here on No Time for Flashcards) and knew we had to do it:) He glued everything almost completely on his own, and even "helped" me write dragon on the bottom. I think it turned out great!

Noah really enjoyed all of the dinosaur activities for the week. I'm amazed at how well he does with the upper/lower case matching activities from here at Confessions of a Homeschooler.

I made our own simple pattern activity this week too just to see how he would do with it. I just searched for some cute dino clipart on google and made these on Word. This was one of his favorite activities of the week, and he asked for it many times! He did really well with it too.

Noah made a clothespin & shape dinosaur (from here at No Time for Flashcards) as well. He has loved these mini clothespins, so I thought this was a perfect activity for him. He didn't do as well with the gluing though....he would rather take the top on and off of the stick. And we named him Steggy because that is what they call the stegosaurus in T-Rex & Friends:)

I've seen this done many times now, but I think the first place I saw the dino digging sensory box was here on Chasing Marcus. I didn't get quite as fancy with the molds (since I had no modeling clay), but Noah didn't mind. He LOVED this sensory box...

...and he LOVED that I filled the box with instant grits:) I caught him many times licking the dinos then sticking them in the grits to sample the "sand" :)

Noah also enjoyed these stickers from the Target $1 section. They all had wiggle eyes, which Noah thinks are hilarious:) The sheets had more than dinosaurs on them, though, so we picked out all the dinos first, then I let him play with the others too.
Noah also learned how to roar like a dinosaur this week:) He has really taken off with animal sounds and mimicking in the last couple of weeks, so I'm excited for when we go to Animal Kingdom at Disney in a few weeks to see his reaction to the animals up close!

The letter Dd would not be complete for Noah without some dancing in there! I have honestly never seen a child love music so much. So we danced and played with his little instruments many times over the week (like always).

Miscellaneous Activities
I felt pretty unfestive for St. Patrick's Day...all Noah made was a handprint 4-leaf clover. He loved it though...he has really gotten into making good handprints for pictures now that we've practiced a lot:)

Otherwise last week, we spent a TON of time outside. The weather was gorgeous almost all week long, so Noah did a lot of Tot School outside, played on his castle, and practiced riding his trike. I'm so excited for summertime to get here so we can spend even more time outdoors...Noah just eats it up:)

And I know I didn't get a Bible lesson in...I was conflicted on the verse to use, but I'll make up for it this week.


So that's it for us! See what others are up to in Tot School and share your own ideas at 1+1+1=1!


Jolly Green Mommy said...

I love the handprint shamrock. Very cute!

Char said...

I love your dinosaur picture with the clothes pins very cute.

Cassie said...

Oh I love the D for dragon and the clothespins on the dinosaur!