Tuesday, March 9, 2010

tot school - letter b

Tot School
Noah is 17 months old.

I had a SUPER crazy week last week in nursing school, so my apologies on being a little late in posting our stuff. But, we still managed to get in a TON of fun tot school even with my crazy to-do list:) I am really loving having a letter of the week....Noah is doing really will with it, and it making planning activities easier!


Our letter for last week was Bb!
Bb is for butterfly, bee, bear, and bubbles...

I am really itching for spring to get here, so I was happy that Bb had lots of springy things to focus on:)
Our books for the week were:
Benny's Garden by Genny Haines (couldn't find a link....this is a pull-the-tab book about a bee; lots of bee/butterfly pictures)
Brown Bear Brown Bear & Polar Bear Polar Bear by Bill Martin Jr./Eric Carle
Bubbles Bubbles (Sesame Beginnings book)

I must be honest...Noah was not very into making his letter page this week. He was really against holding the black marker ad scribbling away, so I made the stripes and colored in most of the top myself. I think Noah was hoping to paint, but I didn't have any black finger paint, so I colored the tip of his finger with the marker and let him smear a little before it dried....that made him a little more happy:)
Noah did, however, help me glue the B and b down, as well as the wiggle eye and wing. He really does will with glue too.

Here is out finished alphabet page...I think this one turned out so cute:)

We also made coffee filter butterflies. Again, Noah was NOT into coloring with the markers, but he was amazed at how the colors blended with water. He carried that dropper around for two days after we made these:)

In keeping with butterflies, I printed more letter activities from Confessions of a Homeschooler. I LOVE the letter ideas there....so cute and fun! Here, Noah had to sort B from b....he did really well with this when he would sit still long enough to do it:)

Noah also worked on sorting large, medium, and small butterflies. He really enjoyed this activity and went to it on his own a lot over the week.

I also printed off the butterfly number cards. These clips were from the Target dollar section a couple of weeks ago, and they're really too hard for Noah to do on his own, but did pretty well in helping me clip the correct numbers on to each butterfly (we only do 1-3 for now).

I didn't get pictures of any other Bb activities we did, but I'll share a list of those things now....

*Watch Starfall Bb over and over and over....the "big brown bear" always seemed to scare Noah a little though!
*Pull out some of the Brown Bear tot pack activities from 1+1+1=1. Noah enjoyed doing the heads & tails and size sorting activities, and did both very well!
*Played with bubble wrap! Noah thought this was really fun, and I intended on doing some bubble wrap painting, but never got around to it.
*Took a BIG bubble bath! About once a week, Noah gets to take a bath with the whirlpool jets on, and I put extra bath gel in that night so he would have lots of bubbles to play in. He had a ball, and especially loved making beards on himself and Daddy:) I hate I don't have of the beard pictures, but Noah can get a little splash-happy in the tub, so valuable electronics are best kept away!


Bible Lesson
I decided to combine last week and next week's letters to talk about caterpillars turning into butterflies to focus Noah's Bible lesson. The verse will be 2 Cornithians 5:17....Totally Tots just did a lesson on this verse, so I'll be using some things from there as well. I'll share what we do with next weeks post!


Misc. Tot School
Noah is always doing additional learning activities throughout the day, and this week was no exception. He kept himself busy with puzzles, other books, animal figures, and more. But I wanted to share his latest sticker pages from his Kumon workbook. Noah put all of these stickers on by himself. I told him the names of the stickers, and only that mittens go on your hands...everything else I let him decide where it should go. I was SO proud at how well he did!

I was also super proud at these pages....I didn't prompt him except to say "let's choose the [red, green] sticker" when he picked them off the page. I did reinforce the shape name after he stuck the sticker down.
I was really amazed at how well he did matching the sticker to the blank space because he has not shown much interest at all in learning shapes so far.


That's all for our week! See what others are doing for tot school and share your own ideas at 1+1+1=1!


Cassie said...

We did a "b' week too and it was a lot of fun. Where did you get the book that those last activities are from?

Lisa said...

Great B activities!!