Sunday, November 8, 2009

tot school & learning through love - the color yellow & trucks, trains, and tractors

Tot School
Noah is 13 months old.


We've had yet another busy busy week around here. I don't really feel like Noah did very much, but I'll still share what I've got. I know quantity isn't important...the quality is what really counts:)

Color Theme: Yellow
Noah has moved on to yellow in his color box. I actually changed it out late last week because he was bored with the last one, so I think I'll be changing these every two weeks now. Anyway, here is what we found on our yellow color hunt!
From the box in no particular order...foam numbers, mega blok pieces, piece of ribbon, pompoms, puzzle piece, fridge magnet puzzle pieces, mini book, Luigi (from cars) bath toy, three Thomas trains (spotlight lorry, cherry picker, and Duncan), railroad crossing sign, fake lemon, giraffe (from little people), plastic ball

Noah really seems to enjoy this activity:) He has especially been playing with the box this time around, exploring it independently throughout the day.

Other than the new color box, though, the color activities haven't been happening this week. He did color with/take the cap off and on a yellow highlighter several times:) But not much else...

Theme: Trucks, Trains, and Tractors
I feel like there aren't very many Thanksgiving activities/crafts for the youngest ones out there to easily do, so I'm waiting a couple of weeks to begin those. So in lieu of a seasonal theme, we'll be focusing on trucks, trains, and tractors (things that go) for the next while.

Again, this week we kept things simple....he enjoyed some of his books.
The ones from this week included (also on my Shelfari):
Go Go Trucks! by Simon Hart
Usborne Touchy Feely Trucks by Fiona Watt & Rachel Well
Bright Baby Trucks by Roger Priddy
Engines All Day by Rev. W. Awdry
Touch and Feel Tractor by Parachute Books

Noah played with his MegaBlok dump truck and tractor, with the added activity of shoveling the blocks into the trucks rather than just placing them in. He has been very into shoveling/spooning/stirring lately.

Noah also played with his Fridge Bubble Wash magnet set. He plays with this all the time, but I really focused on him recognizing the different types of vehicles..especially the trucks!

Other activities we did with this theme that I didn't get pictures of included:
--lots of play with his Thomas trains, buildings, and table
--lots of play with his other cars & trucks
--"zooming" on his ride-on Mater truck
--building vehicles (with LOTS of help) out of bristle blocks


So, my apologies on a skimpy week! This past week was just really hectic all around, and though I had some great plans, I didn't get to everything. But, I do have several new activities to do this upcoming week for both our color theme and our trucks, trains, and tractors theme, including some new art projects and a field trip!

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Virginia Lee said...

You should never apologize for a skimpy week. Most mamas with kiddos your age do none of this with their little ones. Noah is very blessed to have you.

I really like your color boxes. At first I wondered if he would really understand you were focusing on a color and not just lots of toys. But after reading this post it seems he really does. Children pick up so much that I think we are unaware of. Especially our little ones.

Thanks for sharing with us. I always enjoy seeing your posts.

{lauren} said...

About the color boxes...I know what you mean about if he really gets it. I don't really know if he does or not at this point, but like you said they really pick up on things even when we aren't aware of it. That's why I'm all about exposing him to as much as possible...Noah may not fully understand the things I do with him, but I know it won't hurt to start early:)

Cassie said...

These are great ideas and I love your theme this week! I also love your new layout...those turkeys are so cute!

whisperingwhispers said...

What a great week you all had! I just love your color themes!

Don't fret about having a skimpy week, we all have them! Selena and I took 2 weeks off from all schooling well formal schooling.