Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sickly tot school..

Tot School
Noah is 14 months old.


We've had a house full of sickies this week:( Noah started coughing Tuesday, and ended up running a low-grade fever (not over 100) over the next two nights. On Thursday night when his fever got up to 101.5, the appointment was made for Friday morning. So after I held my breath for fifteen minutes while they tested him for the flu, it was decided that Noah just has a virus of some kind.

The only problem is he isn't really improving. He has cough medicine and eye drops (because his eyes got all red and goopy), and while he definitely isn't worse, I don't feel like he's any better either. So we may be making another call to the doctor tomorrow...we'll see how today goes.

Despite being sick, though, Noah has generally remained his silly, happy little self:) Much to my brother and his family's delight! Noah didn't do much actual planned tot school this week, but he had a BLAST with his cousin Peyton, Uncle Shannan, and Aunt Katie!

There was lots of belly "struddles" least that's what we call blowing on your belly in our family:)

Noah is absolutely fascinated with bellies and belly buttons. He did lots of searching for cousin Peyton's belly button:)

The boys also had fun exploring outside at their Granny's house looking for clovers..

Peeking through the trees (this picture is going on our Christmas card this year!)...

Crawling through the grass...

And peeling off some birch bark...
We were all sad to see their crew head out Saturday morning, but we're definitely looking forward to Christmas!

Otherwise in Tot School this week, more Life School activities were done....including learning to clean up our toys.

Noah helped up mop this week...he had SO much fun doing this:)

He also practiced more using a spoon. You can tell in this picture that he is sick though..

We didn't do any crafts this week...I had some Christmas ones planned, but he just didn't feel well enough. I also brought out his Christmas books, and he's been enjoying those, but I'll share some of those next time.

Sorry we've had a slow week around here. Hopefully Noah (and I since he's given me the throat junk) will start feeling better soon and will be able to get back on track with everything, including Tot School!

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Kylie said...

poor little guy, here's hoping he is on the mend soon.

Susan said...

Poor Little Man, I hope he feels better soon. I love your new banner pic!

The Fifth Street Mama said...

Sorry your little man was sick. I must tell you though that I wish we still had grass here! Alas we have snow and a lot of it!