Monday, November 2, 2009

tot school & learning through love - finishing up with halloween:)

Tot School
Noah is 13 months old.


Phew! I am one tired mama today! Sorry to be posting this later than usual...I am absolutely swamped with things for school, but I needed a mental break and decided to post about what we did last week:)

Color Theme: Orange
Noah was pretty much tired of orange by last week. He wasn't very interested in the color box anymore, and he only played a couple of times with the other activities I've been using, like the pompoms in macaroni noodles..
I actually changed his color box halfway through the week, but I'll share about our new color next week.

Seasonal Theme: Halloween
Even though we're all pretty much pumpkin-ed out around here, I tried to make this week before Halloween fun:) We read through our Halloween books for the last few times this week (see those on my Shelfari on the sidebar!).

Noah made a spooky picture with Mickey Mouse scrapbooking stickers..

Again, I am SUPER proud of how well he is doing with stickers now! The only thing I put on this picture was one of the graves to show him that even though these were 3D, they worked just like regular stickers. Here is his finished product:)

Noah also made a picture to go along with the Five Little Pumpkins book. I drew the gate, and then (with assistance, of course!) Noah added his fingerprints to make the pumpkins. Then he helped me color in the moon and the sky and grass. He LOVED used the paint on his fingers!

Finally, we made footprint ghosts. I forget where I first saw these as I have since seen them several places, but I thought it was a super cute art project. Noah, however, did not:) Paint on the feet? NOT his thing! That's why both ghosts are from the same foot.
It still turned out cute though:)

Noah has really enjoyed playing with the Halloween erasers I introduced to him last week! I tried to use them in different ways, though, so he wouldn't get bored with them. Here, Noah had to push the erasers through the small opening of this little beaker (from a Chickfila kids meal!)..

I also tried to introduce tongs this week, but he isn't really ready for them. He tried several times to use them correctly, but mostly just liked to explore these separate from the eraser activity.

Noah has shown a very renewed interest in his trains this week. He particularly likes to play with this firehouse. The door opens/closes by turning a knob on the side. It also shoots out a train if one is inside the house. This has been a great cause-and-effect tool!

Noah has also been very into playing with the pots and pans at my mom's house again! I worked with him on matching the pots to the lids several times..

And also let him have free "music" time with them. He LOVES playing these like drums:)

Finally, Noah has begun bringing me books to read to him...that makes me a happy mama:) He definitely has favorites, though....a few of them include:
Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle
Bennie's Garden and Daisy's Farm by Genny Haines (couldn't find these on amazon..they're pull-the-tab books)
Charlie Monkey by Roger Priddy

Halloween Pictures
I thought I'd finish up by sharing a few Halloween pictures:) We didn't actually go anywhere on Halloween, not even to our church's trunk-or-treat. It was rainy and yucky and cold all day, so we opted to stay in.

Noah did go to a little Halloween party Sunday before at my brother's girlfriend's house, but I forgot my camera:( He had fun though! A little shy around all of the kids, but he warmed up eventually. Plus, he got to wear his costume then too!

This year, in honor of Noah's love of Thomas and all things trains, he was out Little Conductor:)

He still showed off his costume on Halloween at my mom's house. These pictures were taken there..

No candy for the little man just yet though! He did enjoy chewing on some malt balls through the wrapper though:)
I hope you all had a fun Halloween!


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Virginia Lee said...

We have the beaker as well. I'll have to use it for a tot tool, great idea! He makes one very cute conductor.

Susana said...

Everything you posted is so fun and super cute.

I love the pom poms--my little has fun with those too--your 5 Little Pumpkins art and the ghost footprints.

Thanks so much for linking up. You had such a great week. I need to bring my little one over for Tot School:-).