Sunday, November 15, 2009

tot school & learning through love - more with yellow & things that go

Tot School
Noah is 14 months of Monday:)

Being so swamped with things for nursing school, I feel like my "learning" time with Noah is taking a backseat for now:( Which isn't ideal, but I know I don't have to fit in every little activity under the sun to do this "right." I've just always been a major overachiever, so I feel like I have to cram stuff in to be doing a good job. But no worries...I'm working on not feeling like that:)

This week we continued working with things that go (trucks, trains, & tractors) and the color yellow. We also did some non-themed activities.


Basically, Noah continued doing the same activities as last week with the color yellow and with "things that go." Here, he played with some bristle blocks, working on taking the wheels on/off the axel.

We did a few art projects to go along with the "things that go" theme too. Noah helped me decorate a train made using a toilet paper roll. I saw this craft a long time ago, and thought it would be a perfect time to pull it out of the to-do file:) It was also a good opportunity to use our special color (yellow).

Poor train, never stood a chance with Noah around! Noah did part of the decorating by himself, some we did together, and the words/numbers/face I did for him. I snapped this shot after he had played with it for literally 2 minutes..
He really enjoyed playing with it, but he definitely needs more, umm, sturdy toys:)

Noah also made a picture of different vehicles' tracks. I sat out about 5 or 6 different little cars & trucks and helped him paint their wheels. Then I let him drive them around on the paper (yellow again) however he wanted. He was a little reluctant at first, but after I showed him how it was done, he really enjoyed this activity too!
As you can imagine, though, it was quite messy:) So no pictures in progress...just the finished product!

I had intended on taking a little field trip with Noah this week too. My family owns a concrete company in our area, and I had hoped to take Noah by to see the big trucks, loaders, and such. But we didn't make it:( It's probably just as well, because it can get really messy around there with all the dust and mud flying about.

But in lieu of the concrete plant visit, we did visit a car lot with Daddy last weekend:) He recently bought a new truck, and was getting it detailed, so Noah and I tagged along. The dealership was fairly quiet, so we all wandered around the lot while the truck was being worked on. Noah had a blast seeing all the different cars and trucks. He LOVES looking at the wheels especially...I think he likes their shininess:)

Some other activities Noah did with "things that go" included:
playing with his MegaBloks tractor and dump truck
playing with his beloved Thomas trains:)
doing vehicle/car puzzles
reading the vehicle-themed books we have (see our Shelfari for titles)

Some other activities Noah did with the color yellow included:
playing in his color box (see last weeks post for pictures)
yellow color & fruit/veggie cards from Homeschool Creations


We also did some non-themed activities this week.

Our yard has been in desperate need for raking, so we made it a family affair:) Noah had a ball crashing, often face first, in the many piles around our yard..

I wanted some pictures without the paci, but we quickly learned that leaves apparently taste pretty yummy to Noah! So the paci stayed in..
We spent almost two hours one afternoon working the yard, and only are about half finished! Which at least is good for Noah, because he'll have more fun to look forward to:)

Noah enjoyed some other old standby activities for him as well. Any time I bring out pompoms he is a happy guy:) So he worked with pompoms in a formula container, ice cube tray, pouring in bowls, etc. I've shown pictures of these before, so nothing new there...Noah just always likes these.

And Noah always loves books, so some of his other favorites from the week included:
Dizzy Dragon by Roger Priddy
John Deere Farm 123 by Parachute Press
Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin Jr./Eric Carle (his all time favorite!)


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Cassie said...

I love this theme. I am definitely going to do it sometime with my son. Thank you for all of the ideas!

Virginia Lee said...

Caroline enjoys a yummy leaf now and then too. =)

You have such cute themes. Fun, Fun!

Kylie said...

Sounds like a great week too, you do an awesome job with him. :)

The Fifth Street Mama said...

Oh those leaves look glorious! Meadow would totally munch them :)