Friday, August 7, 2009

show us your life - wedding reception & honeymoon

For today's Show Us Your Life from Kelly's Korner, we're sharing our wedding reception and honeymoon pictures!

***Let me go back a minute and say that I live in a small town. So my wedding was by no means elaborate! We kept it simple, and while I do love big and fancy weddings, that's just not me. So it all works out...simple wedding in a small town for a simple girl:)


We had our reception at a place in our downtown called Club Cola. As you can see on the sign, it is a place for receptions...not like a night club or anything! That would be quite frowned upon in our little neck of the woods:)
A very close friend of our family owns this place, and he and his son also collect antique vending and soda machines...the museum they have for their huge collection is located in the same building as the banquet hall. They even have a few of the working machines inside the banquet hall. They had them stocked for us and provided the dimes too! So we got to drink soda at the wedding out of the old-fashioned glass bottles:)

The building used to be an old mill that they had converted. So everything is exposed...brickwork and ductwork, and the original wood floors were restored as well. Its a very neat place, and it was cool to have our reception in a place with such history from our little town:)

Here you can see one of our table settings...birdcages (and some had lanterns) with candles and leaves.

Here is our food table. My mom made the centerpiece! It is GORGEOUS! She still uses it at her home in the fall...lucky her!

We had a buffet-style finger-foods reception since it was early in the afternoon.

Here is our looks really tiny in this picture, but it really wasn't that small.

Cutting it..

And sharing our first dance:)

This is probably my favorite picture from our whole wedding:)


Now onto our honeymoon!

We actually took two honeymoons....a short weekend at the beach right after our wedding (can't find any pictures!), and then our big honeymoon to Disney World the week before Christmas.
Yes, I wore wedding ears. And while you may laugh, we got TONS of free stuff! Like a $60 snow-globe for my niece for Christmas...FREE! And lots of free Fast Passes and such. Sometimes, it pays to look silly:)

So yeah...we wore some ears..

Took some pictures with some characters..

And enjoyed all of the pretty Christmas decorations throughout Disney:)

We had an amazing time! But I won't bore you with the 500+ pictures I took that week:)

I know a lot of people would rather go to someplace tropical or exotic or at least less crowded than Disney World. But Disney just fits me and Jimmy...we're just giant kids, and had more fun and made more memories in that week than we probably would have in a month at Hawaii! And we can't wait to take Noah..and are really hoping to next year some time!

And afterall...what's more of a fairy tale than having Snow White herself (in the middle of the Spectromagic Parade, no less!) wish you congratulations on being newlyweds:)


Caroline said...

Your wedding look beautiful. The Cola Club sounds neat, it looks like it turned out to be a great place to hold a reception.
And Disney World, that is where I wish we would have gone. Now that you have a baby you have an excuse to go back, ha!

Beth P. said...

Fun! What a great little place for a reception! Nice mouse ears :-) I was forced to wear some during my bridal shower, haha!

wrcdgc said...

I love the building you had your reception in and the gloass bottle cola sounds perfect. Your Mom did a beautiful job on your center piece. You were a beautiful bride I loved your hair in that last picture. Disney what a great honeymoon.


Colleen said...

What wonderful memories you've shared with us, Lauren! Your reception hall looks like a fun and neat little place and I just love your adoring smiles. Disney at Christmastime must be extra magical. You two were just so darn cute...

Have a terrific weekend, my friend!

Chic Mama said...

How sweet, and fun! I swear, the more I look at your dress the more I think I had the same one!

By the way, I have a Kreative Blogger award for you on my personal blog!