Saturday, August 15, 2009

tot school - week 2

Noah is 11 months old.

We had a really great week in tot school! We even tried some new things...and they really worked out well! It's fun to see how much Noah has already learned in just two weeks:)


Of course, Noah worked on standing/walking A LOT! He likes to use his MegaBlocks table to walk with.....but not Mommy, as it tends to scratch the floor!

Noah also worked on holding a spoon some more. He definitely needs WAY more supervised practice, but he's getting better!

I introduced our first homemade tot "tool" this week - pompom balls in a parmesan (spelling?!) cheese container. He LOVED this! He was able to put the balls into the larger opening of the container one at a time using his "pinchers" (that's what we call's how he's learned to self-feed) while I called out the colors.

I think this will be a great use of the pompoms when he gets older....using this puzzle as a sorter for colors. He didn't get this at all now..

So we just went back to the original way....again and again all week long:)

Noah also made his first "real" art project this week. Thursday was his Granny's (my mom) birthday, and we made her a card. I traced (with much resistance!) his hand and let him hold the marker while I wrote his name on it.
We also made Daddy a little card this week too. Both recipients got a little misty-eyed:)

Now, onto the old standbys...books of course. Noah was particularly fond of this Halloween book this week.

We also played with his ring stacker. He's learning how to put the rings back on now.

He played with his MegaBlocks...he doesn't really build anything now, but still likes to explore the pieces.

And he played lots with puzzles. He is still really loving this magnetic "bubble wash" vehicle puzzle we gave him last week!

I talked earlier in the week about Noah's new "castle." We played with it mostly inside after that first was just too hot this week to play for long outside! But in the few days we've had it, Noah has already learned to climb up into the tower (mostly) by himself.

And this is my very favorite picture from the week! Noah has all of a sudden started dancing anytime and anywhere he hears music! All of his toys that play songs, in restaurants (he gave everyone a show at my mom's birthday dinner!), in the car, on television....he's a real dancing machine:)
I think this must be due to his love of the Imagination Movers. Noah isn't into tv or movies very much...with the exception of Thomas the Tank Engine and the Imagination Movers. Thomas is his "zone-out" show, but when the Movers come on, he is totally engaged and moving! We're planning our first Disney trip for next May, and I'm hoping they'll have that show incorporated into things by then since its still a fairly new show.


Well, that's all we've got for this week! Share your own Tot School ideas here!


Cathy said...

My kids love getting out the pom poms and playing too!

wrcdgc said...

He has a mouth full of teeth already. Love that picture at the end.


Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

So cute how much he loves the pom poms! That was a great idea! Thanks for sharing!