Sunday, August 30, 2009

tot school - week 4

Noah is 11.5 months old.

Even with me returning to nursing school this week, Tot School went very well! Noah has made the transition to staying at my mom's house during the week for a few hours a day easily..thank goodness! I'm still a little bummed about not being able to stay home with him all the time, but I'm already developing a good routine in balancing studying and family time.


Noah was really into blocks this week. He played with his various types many many times.

Specifically, we worked on pulling his MegaBlocks apart (he has no interest in putting them together at this point).

These Thomas the Tank Engine blocks are one of Noah's favorite toys! He loves to put the blocks into their spaces in their carrier.
I also used the carrier to sort the different colors of blocks. I think this will be a great Tot School toy for the future too when Noah is learning colors, sorting, and such.

Noah also played with his Thomas the Tank Engine track. We have a few of the track pieces in his train bin, and while he doesn't really drive the trains on the track yet, he still like to put the pieces together.

A few of Noah's favorite books this week included these Sesame Street Beginnings books. We bought these a while ago in a pack of four. One has since been chewed to pieces, but Noah loves the other ones:)

This is a new book Noah got this's called Inside Noah's Ark. It is really cute...and yes, though it may be silly, we do buy Noah lots of Noah's Ark things because of his name:)

Noah got a lot of Tot School done at my mom's house over the week too! (Sorry these photos look kind of weird...I used my laptop's camera to take these at my mom's because I never remembered to being my camera with me)

We made music with pots and pans many times this week. Here is Noah playing the "drums" along with his Imagination Movers cd.

We also did quite a few art things this week. I didn't get any pictures of him actually working on them, and I had to pose with him to get the pictures in my laptop camera's angle..

We did dots and lines with crayons on this one.

And loops and squiggles with crayons on this one (and I obviously colored in some of the spaces).

While at this I generally help Noah keep the crayon on the paper, I let him decide where to draw otherwise. This also discourages him from eating the crayon, marker, or whatever we're using:)

And after several weeks of debate on whether he could use Crayola TaDoodles, we finally got him some of the "first marks" ones. Yeah...he's not ready for them just yet!

While this picture looks lovely, his shirt, feet, hands, and face looked even more lovely in shades of purple, blue, and orange:)

Personally, I think these markers stay wet for too long (hence the colored face..). But I do like that Noah can hold them easily. I think we'll get some of the crayons and see how he does...maybe he won't try to eat those. Probably not, but I can hope:)


So even with a new schedule to adjust to, Tot School is still going strong! And we are officially starting a birthday countdown around here. Can you believe it...only 17 days to go!?!?

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Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Such a great week! And the pictures are just too cute!

Kellie said...

awww...he is super cute!

Kylie said...

I am glad he has adjusted to your new routine, sounds like you are both feeling good about your week. Well done. :)

Virginia Lee said...

Thanks for visiting our blog! Caroline enjoys anything you put items in and out of, so the pom pom and formula divider is always a big hit.

Noah is just too cute. Love the pots and pans idea. How simple and fun. Why didn't I think of that. This seems like a great idea for when I'm making dinner.

Hope you tot school week is going well.