Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tot School - our first one!!

Noah is (almost!) 11 months old.


***I am beyond excited to begin doing Tot School posts! I figured since Noah was featured as a Cute Tot on Totally Tots, he is close enough to "tot-hood" to start sharing our tot school stuff too! And by the way, if you've never visited Carissa's sites, you definitely need to! She has SO much amazing information and SO many'll learn a ton! Plus she's got some super cute kiddos:)


So, onto our first *official* tot school week!

Noah loves books (this = happy mommy!). He will usually go straight for the bookshelf in our playroom before anything!

These are a couple of new books we got this week...that's why they're the only ones in all these pictures:) This one (Charlie Monkey) lights up and buzzes on the last page. So Noah likes to inspect this..

They also have different textures to the gorilla's hair.
I like that these are big enough to lay flat on the floor so Noah can turn the pages and look at everything without the binding closing it on its own. The other one of these "funny faces" books that we have is Rusty Robot.

Noah worked with his shape sorter this week. Up until now, he has only played with the blocks, put them in and out of the bucket, etc while I name shapes and colors and do the actual sorting. This week, he attempted to put the blocks through the holes on own!

We worked on big vs. little with his Thomas trains. He can do this easily now. I wish they made more of the trains in the big size...he plays with it a lot easier than with the small ones since its easier for him to handle.

Noah also played with his alphabet spinner. This has long been a favorite toy!

He will play with it independently for quite a while, but he also enjoys when I fingerspell the ABCs along with the music.

Noah is also big on puzzles! He has three of these Melissa and Doug jumbo knob puzzles. With each puzzle, he can identify the pieces by name when asked (ie - where is the turtle? where is the square?), but we're still working on putting the pieces back in their spots.

Noah also got a new puzzle this week..the Fridge Wash-N-Go Vehicle Set. Actually this was supposed to be a birthday present, but he got it a bit early:) No biggie...since, you know, he only has like a zillion gifts put back already!

We worked on Noah feeding himself with a spoon for the first time this week.

He did really well! But he still much prefers self-feeding with finger foods...which is ok. Less mess for me:)

And of course, the task of the moment is walking. Still no independent steps just yet, but we're working hard! Using his riding Mater truck for support...which is tough since Mater tips over easily!

The coffee table (which I know is VERY child-unfriendly! I'm in the process of painting/redoing another one!) is much more sturdy.

He can walk all along the coffee table, as well as the sofa, and he can transfer between the two at this point.

Noah stands alone for several seconds at a time, and easily pulls up to everything. He also is beginning to "bear crawl" (I hope you know what I mean). So I know walking is just around the corner! Any tips on helping him along?


Well..that's it for our first week! Check out what other's are doing for tot school here and be sure to share as well!


jd6405 said...

Welcome to Tot School!!!! You're little guy is sooo CUTE!!!

Susana said...

He is precious! Such a fun age, isn't it?! He looks so cute figuing out his shape sorter!!

Chantel said...

Hi! I'm so excited to read your blog - I have a young tot (she just turned a year) as well, but not too many others on Tot School do - it's nice to get some fresh ideas for my tiny one! And see what other little ones are up to :) I look forward to reading your posts!

Cathy said...

Your little boy is just adorable. And look at all of that learning going on! Just wonderful.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Oh, he is sooo sweet! And you have a lot of really neat toys for tot school! Great post - thanks for sharing!!

Cassie said...

I love the picture of him with Mater! My son has the Lightning McQueen version of that toy and he loves it too!

Carisa said...

So glad you've started!!! It is such a neat way to document his life too isn't it! I love looking back at K's old TS posts!!

:) Carisa